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100% made in Italy

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Eyewear Collection

My Way eyewear collection, proposed by Assoluto, is now well established in Itay as well as in Europe.


My Way is different because every single choice we have made in our life determines and personalises our way of being. A strong identity as reflected by the logo: two graphic signs, identical in appearance, going in opposite directions, overturned. My Way: two elements divided by a dotted line inspired by road signs, highlight the diversity and freedom in which everyone can decide which way to go.


My Way optical glasses and sunglasses frames are made with natural materials, such as cotton fibres and wood pulp as well as exclusive colour treatment to ensure a lifetime durability. Take a look at our mirrored and trendy sunglasses and our optical frames with flex hinge for a comfortable fit.

New arrivals

MyWay eyewear, collezione proposta da Assoluto, è oramai una realtà consolidata non solo in Italia ma anche in Europa